Lake House on Lake George, NY

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One Nice Big, Friendly House on One Lakeside Acre for
One Group at a Time--
A 20-Year History of Good Times
Since 1997                                                                                          Open All Year

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Queen of North American Lakes

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Mrs. Melissa Loving Vito, Owner
P.O. Box 195
Diamond Point, NY 12824
 518-668-5545  --  518-307-2545 mobile

"The cottage itself is a delightful retreat and I enjoyed working with you."

"I have to say your home has completely exceeded our expectations, on every level. We may not leave. "

 Location   Lake House is situated directly on the lake on the west shore of Lake George at the entrance to Boon Bay, one of the lake's smaller bays. The property consists of one acre of land 600 feet deep, with 80 feet of shoreline, the house positioned about 300 feet from the edge of the lake and about 30 feet above its surface. Lake George Village is 6 miles south of the house; Bolton Landing, 4 miles north.

Capacity - The home contains five bedrooms and four baths and is arranged and furnished to accommodate a party of ten people including babies and children.

Internet connection - Lake House is equipped with a high-speed Internet connection complete with wired and wireless network access.

Owner nearby   The owner lives 2 miles south of the house, year round, and will personally and promptly respond to guests' questions or problems that arise during their stay.

Totally private rental  -  When you rent this property, please understand that you will have it entirely to yourselves.  The house is not a part of an association. No one else will be using the house or driveway or waterfront or boat house or docks, including the owner. 

Pool Table

Pool table  
An 8-foot pool table has been installed in a room on the lower floor where a big picture window looks out toward the lake.   It's bound to provide some fine entertainment to be enjoyed any time, but especially on a rainy day.   





-- August 25 - September 1 now at reduce rates  --

--  Rates for September 23 - 30 now only $1,800.  --


Weekly Rates for Summer 2018

May 29 - June 2 $1,500   June 30 - Sept. 1 $5,400
June 2 - 9 $2,600     Sept. 2 - 9 $3,900 
June  9 - 16 $3,300   Sept. 9 - 16 $3,300 
June 16 - 23 $3,900    Sept. 16 - 23 $2,800
June 23 - 30 $4,800   Sept. 23 - 30 $2,200 

Summer rentals are limited to full weeks at Lake House.
Weekend rentals are available the rest of the year.
*Americaders like our two-car garage for parking their bikes out of the rain.

         Regular Non-holiday Rates October 1 to May 22

Two nights
2 - 4 $650 Free $510 Free $140 $1,250
5 - 6 $850 Free $650 Free $170 $1,600
7 - 8 $1,000 Free $800 Free $210 $1,900
9 - 10 $1,150 Free $900 Free $240 $2,100

Sales tax of 7% applies to rentals of fewer than four nights (NYS law). 
Minimum 8-person rate in May and October.

Holiday Rates

Three nights over New Year’s : $1,600 for up to ten people.

Memorial Day Weekend:  $1,600  for three nights for up to ten people.

Presidents' Weekend, Presidents' Week, Columbus Day Weekend, Thanksgiving: $1,450 for up to ten people.

 Martin Luther King's Birthday, Christmas Week: Minimum 8-person weekend rate.

Rental period   From June 2 to September 1, the house is rented from Saturday to Saturday.  Check-in is at 3:00 PM; check-out, at 10:00 AM.  

Payment Policies   For summer rentals, we ask a reservation deposit of one third or one fourth of the rental rate to hold the week, with the balance and the security deposit due 60 days before arrival and the other installment(s) due between those payments.  For shorter rentals, one half the rental rate and sales tax will reserve your stay, with the balance due 60 days before arrival.  The reservation deposit is nonrefundable unless the period you rented is taken by another party, in which case 10 percent of the fees paid or $75, whichever is less, is retained.   The amount of security deposit required varies from $100 to $300 depending on the length of the rental and the number of people in the party. This sum will be refunded in full provided no damage has been done, no excess cleaning is required, instructions are followed for preparing the house for check-out, recyclables are sorted as requested, and the house is vacated by check-out time.

Pets:  Your pet will be welcome to accompany you on your vacation provided permission is obtained ahead of time and you can assure me the pet will not bark a lot an bother my good neighbors.   A pet fee of $50 for a weekend or $95 for a full week will be charged.  The town of Bolton does have a leash law, so a dog must be leashed whenever it leaves the property.  Your dog is given a clean bed, too.

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The House - Constructed in stages as the family's needs grew, Lake House contains many levels of living area and, with all its nooks and crannies, provides an unusual degree of privacy for its residents. Rooms are large, their walls paneled with knotty pine, and their floors made of oak, except for one room whose floors are pine. Ceilings are high and decorations sparse, lending an atmosphere of space and relaxation. The house is centrally heated and air conditioned.

The main room is a large living and dining area with the kitchen at one end. It contains a large gas-fired woodstove (primarily for ambience--the oil furnace provides central heat), the new Samsung SmartTV (with cable), VCR, CD and DVD players, and radio (receiving NPR at 89.5).
This room opens out onto a large screened porch furnished with a sofa and a round glass table with chairs. In warm weather, guests will find the porch a comfortable place for meals and leisure activities in the open air even during a rainstorm or after dark. The porch in turn opens out onto an uncovered deck with an octagonal picnic table that seats eight.



The dining table seats ten easily. The kitchen, with its generous supply of cooking and serving equipment, is favored by the best of cooks. It's equipped with a five-burner gas stove with a griddle and a convection oven, a side-by-side refrigerator, and a dishwasher, as well as a coffee maker, a toaster oven, a blender, a microwave oven, and an electric griddle. A list of the kitchen equipment provided is available by request and will be attached to your arrival.  Pots and pans are abundant; silverware and dinnerware will accommodate a group of ten. A private well supplies tap water, which is filtered. Guests provide paper products, soaps, and food wraps and may wish to bring a favorite small appliance or utensil.



The master bedroom has a king-size bed,  two futon sofas that open into double beds, one other sofa, a balcony, a walk-in closet, a flat-screen TV with cable and DVD player, and a full bath with skylight.  Plus a very interesting antique wood-working chest. 

The book swap is also set up in this room.  Exchange the book you just finished with one you'd like to read among ours.  Please note:  The books in the twin-bed room downstairs are not to be swapped.

The bedroom over the kitchen also has a walk-in closet and its own full bath with skylight. It is furnished with a queen-size bed and a narrow single bed. This room has the one disadvantage that sounds from the kitchen carry up into it. Though these two bedrooms are both upstairs, they are not connected. Each has its own stairway up from the main room.

On a lower floor are three bedrooms and two full baths. One bedroom has twin beds that can be made up as a king-size bed and a second TV and a DVD player.  Another has an antique double bed and a patio door that opens out into yard on the lake side of the house.  The back bedroom has a queen-size bed and its own bath. The fourth full bath is off the hallway.

A highchair, a booster seat, and baby gates are available for small children.  A standard crib is also available for a one-time  fee of $25.

In the basement are a standard-size washer and dryer and a large counter for folding. A clothesline is available outside for fresh-air drying. To keep our carbon footprint small and for the better functioning of the front-loading washer, we provide a washing ball, which allows you to do your wash without detergent and in cold water.  For those not comfortable with the washing ball, we provide some cold-water detergent as well.

All baths have a shower and tub combination and counter space around the basin. All bed linens are furnished, as are spare pillows, a bath towel and wash cloth for each guest, bath mats, and dish towels. A number of spare towels, bath mats, and blankets, chair cushions, the iron, a hair dryer, and a small vacuum cleaner are stored for the use of the guests.  The ironing board is in the closet of the twin-bed room.  Summertime guests may want to bring beach towels, which we do not provide.

The flat rate for unlimited local calls within the 518 area code on the phone in the kitchen is included in the rental fee.    The number will be provided ahead of time to leave with family and friends back home.  Most people have cell service at the house as well.

Generator on site  No reason to be concerned about the unlikely occurrence of a power outage during your stay. To provide you with water and septic service, heat, refrigeration, and power to certain outlets for lights and microwave use, a 5,500-watt generator is maintained on site.   The gas range in the kitchen will function by lighting the burners with a match, and of course the gas grill will always function for making a good meal.

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For outdoor cooking, a three-burner Weber gas grill is provided, along with the propane needed and a spare tank in case the first one runs out.

The two-bay garage is available for parking vehicles or boat trailers, or for storing bicycles or other sports equipment. 

A full-size playhouse with a high ceiling and containing a doll crib, blackboard, and an assortment of toys is available for the use of the children.  Also available for the children are a swing set, a sandbox, and a child-size picnic table.

The Grounds- The grounds around the house contain a variety of land uses: small wooded areas, a small brook, grassy lawns, small flower gardens, a small wetland area, and an outcropping of bedrock. Many species of native trees, including white pine, hemlock, cedar, crabapple, oak, maple, birch (three different species of birch), and aspen provide shade, a high degree of privacy, and natural beauty to the grounds.


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An attractive series of gently sloping steps leads you across the bedrock and down to the lake.  For access to the waterfront for anyone with a disability that makes stairs difficult, my good neighbors to the north offer their flat lawn for getting to and from the waterfront without using the stairs.


The Boat House and the Lake  On the boat house deck you are surrounded by the splendid lake and mountain scenery.
       A picnic table and lounge furniture are on the roof of the boat house, which is carpeted for your comfort.
        Inside the boat house are cushions for the deck chairs, switches to the lights around the deck, and the life jackets, oars, and anchor for use with the rowboat. Your own boating, swimming, and fishing equipment may be stored here.


The double-level boat house with crib dock provides covered docking space for a boat up to 23 feet in length.  No charge is made for use of the dock. A collection of lifejackets in many sizes is available for the guests' use. Boat rental is available in the area. With the owner's permission you will be welcome to use our personal rowboat kept at the waterfront. Please note that Jet Skis, Waverunners, and performance boats are not allowed at the property at any  time.

Stairs into Lake George

Lake George Boat House

At the shallowest place, the water depth beside the boat house is about 18 inches, appropriate for enjoyment by very young children accompanied by an adult. The water adjacent to the pier is 8 feet deep and safe for diving. A ladder attached to the pier makes climbing back onto the pier convenient and safe. The water temperature in the lake seldom exceeds 75 degrees and is always clear and refreshing.

A camp fire by the lake may be made in a circle of rocks surrounded on three sides by a convenient bench.  Firewood can be purchased at local supermarkets and convenience stores.  To protect our healthy forests from the invasive emerald ash borer that comes in on firewood, it is now illegal to bring in firewood from a distance greater than 50 miles.  The sandbox, with toys available, is on this level of the property.

Queen of North American Lakes
As you may know, Lake George is one of the cleanest lakes in the world.  The DEC rates its water quality as AA+; the limnologists (the lake scientists) categorize it as oligotrophic--very low in the nutrients that cause the growth of algae and other organisms that cloud the water.  Conditions that have created and maintain this lovely water are the lake's small, forested watershed, its great water depths (192 feet at the deepest), the limestone on the lake bottom (which buffers acid precipitation), its undeveloped shoreline, its low calcium levels which zebra mussels can't reproduce in, and the temperate climate here.  It is somewhat remarkable that the lake has maintained this water quality despite the intensive use by the many who come to enjoy its water, its islands, its beaches, and its splendid mountain scenery.   Some people safely drink the water untreated; thousands of others use its water after minimal treatment by a municipal water system.

We will welcome you to join those who come to be refreshed and relaxed by the cool air and water and the beautiful surroundings.  We invite you to become one of those for whom the privilege of visiting this beautiful watershed mandates careful stewardship of the land and lake so that generations after you can enjoy it as much as you have.

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A Ski House on Lake George
For pictures of Lake House in the winter, including a picture of the garage and the front yard in the snow, click on the Ski House on Lake George title.  To return to this site click on Year-round Rates and Information at the top of the Ski House site.

Situated in the center of all the lake-based activities and within easy driving to several ski mountains, Lake House is a good place to stay for parties who want to ski and take part in other kinds of winter fun as well. 

Gore Mountain, for instance, a 40-minute drive, is open from mid-November to mid-April.   It has snowmaking on 95 percent of its 60 trails, 12 percent of which are easy, 58 percent more difficult, and 30 percent very difficult.  Its summit elevation is 3,600 feet; its vertical drop, 2,100 feet.  It offers 9 lifts: one gondola, 2 quads, 3 doubles, one high-speed triple, and 2 surface.

Cross-country skiers go to the state-owned Pack Forest (20 minutes away).  Snowmobilers have a choice of the lake or one of the many local trails.  Snowmobile rental with a guided tour is available locally.

The guests say--

 "Thanks so much.  We had a wonderful  time that went much too fast.  Your house has everything, and more, that is needed.  It was so nice to meet you after all the faceless e-mails!  Again, thank you." 

 "Thank you for everything!  As usual, we all had a great time. We try to clean up after ourselves as best we can. The cold weather and snow won't keep us from a campfire.  We all love the house and property so much.  It is exactly what we were looking for.  We will definitely be coming up next year.  Thanks again!!!"
"Thank you again for the use of such a lovely home and beautiful setting."
"Thanks for [lending us] your great house!  It suited our needs perfectly.  Your multiple bathrooms allowed us all to get out so much faster!    Your naturalized yard was so relaxing and beautiful!  We lounged on your wonderful boathouse deck one evening with the moon full, and then we toasted marshmallows over a perfect campfire.  That memory will last for a long time.   Much luck to you with your ecological awareness endeavors!" 
"Went up for a few days at the end of March and had a truly relaxing, lovely experience.  Melissa was extremely  nice and helpful by e-mail and in person.  House was even better than pictures - gorgeous and meticulously maintained.  Deck has incredible views of the lake - perfect for sunning and reading even on the less sunny days.  On the chillier day, we stayed close to home and enjoyed the cozy living room with gas fireplace and watched DVDs and ate homemade meals cooked in the well-appointed kitchen - every pot/pan/utensil you could ever need!  Had a campfire the next night in the fire circle and roasted hot dogs and s'mores while looking up at a million stars.  Everything you need in terms of grocery, restaurants, supplies, is nearby in Bolton Landing or  Lake George VillageTook small side trips but mainly just enjoyed down time in a really beautiful setting.  Hot water was excellent and plentiful.  Would love to come back in summer for boating and swimming, but really loved how quiet the neighborhood and lake were during off-season."  
"We had a wonderful time--the whole family was thrilled with the cabin, the lake, the boathouse--everything!"  
"We had a very nice time--the lake is so beautiful and many fish 'made themselves available' for our family fishermen!!  The house was very comfortable and the dock area perfect for our needs!  Thanks again."   
"That house is worth every penny."
"This is one fabulous home!!  Super well-equipped.  We had a great time!" 
'We've looked at other places and see that yours is prime real estate."
"Your homes are just beautiful, and they are kept in such immaculate condition!"
"Dreams Do Come True! [We] thoroughly enjoyed our 'mini vacation' at your most warm and beautiful beach house with some of our best friends.  We look forward to returning next year!"
"The place is much, much nicer than I ever imagined.  It's so private for everyone both inside and outside the house."
"I just wanted to say thank you again. You have a wonderful house. It has a very warm and welcoming energy. Our whole family had a great time. My granddaughter who is 2 just loved walking down to the lake and everyone had to take turns bringing her down there. She is very interested in nature and loved the lake, the mountains and Mr. Moon. And she made sure everyone saw all of this. Just before we left she asked me to bring her down to the water and she wanted everyone to go down there, which we did. It was a nice ending to a great weekend."
"I was planning on sending you an email to let you know what a truly wonderful time we had.  The house was even better than expected and with baby gates, high chairs and cribs it really felt like home!!  We can't thank you enough for lending us your beautiful home.  Our family made some wonderful memories during this past week.   I've told everyone about the house and you may get some future rentals out of it :)   Again, thank you so much for opening your doors to us.  May your home always be filled with happiness and people who appreciate its beauty." 
"Thank you for an amazing weekend!" 

"The home was impeccably clean when we arrived. The location of the house is very private with the deck away from the house. It was a little hike to the lake but the privacy was well worth it. The bedrooms were private and the number of baths worked well. The living space would've been small for our party of 6 adults and one toddler if we had had bad weather, but fortunately it was beautiful therefore we were able to use the screened in porch as additional space. All in all a wonderful experience. We enjoyed Lake George and the other communities surrounding it. Thank you.
We very much enjoyed our stay and will recommend your home to others.   What a great place for kids, as you were all prepared with the child gates, high chair, etc. as well as the swing set, sandbox, easy access down steps to water and variety of toys that our grandson enjoyed playing with.  It made it easy on his parents and enjoyable for them too.  We will keep your home in mind for future vacations as there wasn't enough time to explore the whole area so we want to come back.  What a beautiful area in which to live and vacation.  We were so very fortunate to have such wonderful weather too. Again, thank you."  

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Enjoyment of the Surrounding Region

Fishing: Bring your own boat, or charter one locally. We provide you with a fishing map that shows the hot spots for salmon, trout, pike, perch, and bass.

Golfing: Several championship golf courses are in the area.

Whitewater rafting and kayaking: Both short rides and extended tours are offered on the Hudson and Sacandaga Rivers from April 1 to October 1.

Mountain biking: Gore Mountain ski slopes are open for biking in the summer and early fall.

Museums: In Glens Falls, the Hyde Collection for fine art and the Chapman for local history. Both open year round. In Blue Mountain Lake (an hour’s drive), the Adirondack Museum offers extensive exhibits on Adirondack history. An all-day excursion. Open late May to mid-October.

The Marcella Sembrich Museum:  Only 3 miles north of the house, a museum celebrating the life of one of the first prima donnas of the Metropolitan Opera, the Sembrich offers a season of concerts by professional musicians in the most intimate of settings in Madame Sembrich's studio on a spectacular site by the lake.  Visit

Lake George Music Festival: Offering low-priced classical music concerts and other events given by world-class musicians in Lake George Village August 11 - 24, 2017.  More info at

Dinner theatre: The Lake George Dinner Theatre in Lake George Village. Equity actors playing six days a week from mid-June to mid-October.

Ballet and concerts: Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) with performances in the summer by the New York City Ballet and other dance companies, the Philadelphia Orchestra, and rock and jazz groups (40-minute drive).  Go to

Thoroughbred and harness racing: The Saratoga Race Track, a world-class flat track, is open from late July through Labor Day. The harness-racing track is open February through November. Both are in Saratoga Springs (40-minute drive).

Amusement parks: Great Escape, a truly big-time amusement park experience, and Magic Forest, whose setting really is a forest. (Both about 20 minutes away.)

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Lake House on Lake George
Directly on Lake George in Diamond Point, New York
 Melissa Loving Vito, Owner
P.O. Box 195
Diamond Point, NY 12824
(518) 668-5545